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Martin Wolfe KC

Telephone: +44 (0)28 9026 5700

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What is BMAS?

Areas of Mediation

  • Commercial and Property
  • Compensation Claims
  • Employment and Discrimination

My Approach to Mediation

I recognise that every dispute is different and that patience and sensitivity is often required before the dispute can be resolved.

I will spend time to get to know the parties and the issues which are causing them concern. I appreciate that the parties must have trust and confidence in the process if it is to succeed and I will ensure that this is established at the outset so that they can take ownership of the process every step of the way.

I will work closely with the parties to construct practical and sustainable solutions, recognising that the resolution of a dispute can often be the first step to re-establishing good relations for the future.

I will bring value for money, professionalism and attention to detail to every mediation process I participate in and I will do my best to ensure that everyone involved is enabled to make their own valuable contribution to the outcome.

My Mediation Training & Experience

I have successfully completed a course in Civil and Commercial Mediation Training at The Queen’s University of Belfast, November 2014. I update my mediation knowledge by regularly seeking out relevant CPD opportunities.

I specialise in employment and discrimination law issues, but my flexible and intuitive approach to legal problem solving has enabled me to build up considerable mediation experience over the past 10 years across a diverse range of areas including commercial disputes and compensation claims, with particular expertise in the field of clinical negligence.

The following description contains a brief outline of the kinds of cases which I have been involved in, each of which produced a successful mediation outcome:

a case involving a long running dispute between a senior health care clinician and management in a local health and social care trust, involving issues of sexual harassment and discriminatory terms and conditions;

a case involving an allegation from a disabled person that a major retailer was required to make physical adjustments to their premises in order to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act;

an equal pay dispute between a public sector employer, a trade union organisation and its membership;

a case involving a clinical negligence allegation raised by a patient against her general practitioner;

a case involving an allegation of professional negligence against a solicitor in the context of a clinical negligence complaint;

a multi-party partnership dispute involving disagreement regarding the distribution of assets on dissolution;

a dispute concerning the interpretation and enforceability of the terms of a restrictive covenant arising out of the employment contract of a senior employee.

My Legal Background

I was called to the Bar in 1994, and took Silk in 2014. I am well respected and trusted within the legal profession, and this is reflected in my appointment to the Government Legal Service Civil Panel from 2004. I work for a range of clients, from private individuals to major organisations in the public, private and third sector. I regularly appear in the higher courts in Northern Ireland, but I am equally adept at providing tailor made legal advice to provide a client with step by step assistance through their legal problems. I have been appointed to a number of public bodies including as legal advisor to the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (Conduct Committee) and I am a Chairperson of the Police Appeal Tribunal.

My Other Interests

It’s important to have a life beyond the courtroom or mediation room. I live in Belfast and I am a family man with four children. I am regularly seen chasing my dog through the parks of the city, and when time allows I am a keen follower of the Irish rugby team. I try to apply my legal knowledge and experience in a number of voluntary capacities, including in my role as a Governor of a local primary school.


Testimonials available upon request.

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What is BMAS?

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