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Alva Brangam KC

Telephone: +44 (0)28 9056 2063

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What is BMAS?

Areas of Mediation

  • Commercial and Property
  • Compensation Claims
  • Employment and Discrimination
  • Wills & Estates

My Approach to Mediation

As a Queen's Counsel I act as an advisory and representative advocate. I also offer a range of ADR services including Facilitative Mediation. As of November 2019 I have completed one hundred and nine appointments as mediator . I operate on a client-bespoke-contract basis. The use of agreed Mediation and , within the process , the private, single party meeting offers the opportunity for a sensible reasoned reality check under the a safe umbrella of confidentiality. I have the firm view that it is eminently sensible for disputing parties to explore collaborative options for resolution under the independent and neutral moderation of a skilled professional. My academic training, professional work and life experience also lead me to the inevitable conclusion that mediation is a cost efficient method of finding pragmatic solutions to both everyday and complex disputes. I proudly state that I strictly adhere to the values of independence, impartiality and the confidentiality of the mediation process.

My Mediation Training & Experience

In 2000 I completed a five day residential training course organised by the CEDR (Centre for Dispute Resolution) London when I was examined and accredited as Mediator.

In 2010 I became accredited to the Mediators' Institute of Ireland.

In 2013 following examination I became a Qualified Dispute Resolver with the Academy of Experts.

In 2017 I obtained Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

From 2002 to date I am one of the three designers and presenters of an ADR training course for lawyers organised by the Institute of Professional Legal Studies at Queen's University of Belfast. In addition, at the invitation of solicitor firms, the Law Society and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, I have delivered lectures and chaired discussions on a variety of ADR issues.

I have dealt with a broad range of disputes involving represented and unrepresented parties. I have conducted mediations in London, Dublin, Paris, Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. I have dealt with arbitrations in Belfast. Most mediations have been concluded in one day but some more complex disputes have required more than one session. I have had "simple" two party disputes and more complex disputes involving, for example, architects, engineers, main contractors and sub contractors. In one dispute a total of 26 persons assembled and it proved possible to find a settlement by the end of the day.

Subject to confidentiality, I routinely conduct a debrief with another mediator to reflect and record learning points involving practice, process and the psychology of dispute.
Confidentiality is a core value and care must be taken in describing even the framework of disputes in which I have been involved. The case load has included:

High-value commercial contracts; Construction disputes; Professional negligence of solicitors, accountants and tax consultants; Insider trading, unfair prejudice, company and partnership issues; Testamentary and inheritance disputes; Employment benefits, pensions, income replacement; Divorce financial settlements; Multi-jurisdiction contract claims.

My Legal Background

I have found it helpful to act in the differing roles of advocate, mediator and arbitrator. Different but transferable skills are required and the totality of experience has assisted me to a fuller understanding of the psychology of dispute. Not all disputes are capable of a consensual outcome but I am inclined to think that it is only a minority of disputes which inevitably require an adjudicated outcome. The use of mediation achieves a high proportion of immediate or ultimate settlements and all parties benefit from an early professional audit of the realities of disputes which have the potential to expend human and financial resources disproportionate to value or an adjudicated outcome.


Mediation is a confidential process and few if any parties seek to have their disputes or settlements made the subject of public record. There are also clear data protection issues in relaying attributed comments from named parties or representatives. I do not request parties to offer direct feedback and I do not request permission to publish their comments. I am pleased that I have received no complaints concerning my style or conduct of any mediation. I have received many pleasant and complimentary messages from clients and representatives. I do find this to be a useful insight into how various skills and techniques of mediation have been successful. Needless to say we all appreciate some praise and the following are unsolicited comments which I have received:

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent oversight of the mediation process in Belfast yesterday. Your even-handed approach and good counsel was greatly appreciated. There are no winners; but at least we have some closure."
( A represented party - 2018.)

"I was more than sceptical about the whole idea of mediation. I liked your explanation of what we could do without slugging things out in Court and I know that I had my say. I am happy that you patiently managed to bring us to a deal which I think is fair and which I know is better for our company."
( An un represented party. - 2016.)

"I now am glad that my clients agreed to try mediation . It was a practical and flexible way to examine the disputes. This must be the way forward. I think that the parties are happy that our files are closed and that they can get back to doing business."
(A Belfast solicitor. 2017.)

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What is BMAS?

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