Business Owners- Don’t ignore mediation

6th November 2019 Resolution Centre

Business owners, small or multinational, don’t need to waste their precious time and money being involved in litigation.

I have represented a number of business owners this year who start out proceedings wanting every penny owed, to them or every pound of damages available. Thereafter, they move on to a stage of being frustrated with the slow speed of litigation, finally reaching the stage of being totally worn down by the whole process and wishing they’d never started in the first place. Settlement then becomes a necessary evil and never satisfying, but it’s better than endless meeting with lawyers and the thought of rising legal costs.

It’s a familiar story, but it keeps repeating itself.

In business when you are faced with a challenge, so many entrepreneurs are experts at facing the challenge and finding a solution- lateral thinking to solve a problem that you can’t seem to get around.

So apply this approach to your external, or internal, disputes affecting your business.

A court is not a venue to allow you to creatively solve a problem- but a mediation is. So why are you going to Court? Business owners make financial decisions all the time, in the absence of emotion. It’s what they are best at. So keep doing it. Mediate, don’t just litigate!

Mediation is confidential, the parties are in control, it’s a quicker process and it’s cheaper. The Resolution Centre is the perfect setting to hold your mediation.

What have you got to lose? Except time, money energy and relationships…

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By Michael Bready BL, click here to view original article.