The Bar of Northern Ireland launches Northern Ireland’s first Resolution Centre

13th September 2017 Resolution Centre

As the demand for alternative dispute resolution in Northern Ireland continues to rise, the Bar of Northern Ireland has created a purpose-built facility to enable out-of-court mediation and arbitration services to be offered in an accessible and private space from 14th September 2017.

Located within The Boat – an iconic building in Belfast’s skyline – The Resolution Centre will offer bespoke facilities and services for clients to resolve disputes outside of the traditional court setting. Northern Ireland’s first and only dedicated centre for alternative dispute resolution, The Resolution Centre will create a venue within the local Belfast market for skilled mediators and arbitrators to use their specific set of core skills to assist parties in arriving at alternative resolution options.

Traditionally a wide range of commercial, civil and family disputes end up being taken to court for resolution. Whilst this remains a highly effective and appropriate route in many circumstances, the number of local disputes settled outside of litigation has been on the rise as parties seek, and are often encouraged, to explore other alternatives. The Resolution Centre aims to support this trend by offering a venue and a service which will help when the conditions lend themselves towards pursuing resolution by another means. In addition to handling commercial disputes, The Resolution Centre is therefore available for handling private cases including divorce and family law.

“A properly constituted legally-led resolution process can provide a range of advantages,” said David Mulholland, The Bar’s Chief Executive. “In certain situations it may be the most appropriate option as it may offer a more timely and cost effective solution with the added advantages of preserving the privacy and relationships of those involved. It is therefore no surprise that this alternative solution is being promoted by Northern Ireland’s leading barristers, and local solicitors.”

The creation of The Resolution Centre is good news for both local and prospective international clients as it provides another addition to the advantages that the jurisdiction can already offer to them.

Clients already have direct access to a wide network of skilled local solicitors and the ability to engage the Bar’s existing expertise in providing trusted and independent advice and representation in court alongside the significantly lower cost of commercial litigation in Northern Ireland compared to other locations.
In creating The Resolution Centre client choice has been further increased.

The Resolution Centre is open to be used by any practitioners engaged in providing mediation and arbitration services. It is well positioned within Belfast’s City Centre and is in walking distance of the courts and the Bar while also offering easy access via public transportation links. Offering facilities including private room hire with access control and acoustically sealed rooms as well as a full AV suite including Wi-Fi, telephone and video conferencing, confidential paper disposal and wireless photocopying, printing and scanning and catering options, In addition to alternative dispute resolution, facilities within The Resolution Centre can also be used for meetings, training or seminars. For more information on The Resolution Centre visit or call 02890565700.


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