About Us

No matter what the dispute, the Resolution Centre is the ideal setting for achieving resolution.

Help Determining Your Resolution

Businesses, families and private individuals today are increasingly turning to alternative means of resolving their problems and disputes. Alternative dispute resolution offers the opportunity for parties to determine their own solution, facilitated by trained and accredited dispute resolution professionals.

Seamless and Comfortable Resolutions

Open to all, the Resolution Centre is a unique environment, custom designed to achieve conciliation and consensus. Our facilities and support services will ensure you have everything needed to make the resolution process as seamless and comfortable as possible.

In delivering this facility, the Bar of Northern Ireland continues its proud history of assisting clients to find the most effective solutions to their difficulties or conflicts. Our members are increasingly diversifying their traditional barrister practices and applying their innate skills to dispute resolution outside of the courtroom.

Accredited Mediators, Arbitrators and Counsel.

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